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Training Development Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook

Practice Training Development quiz questions, training development multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare MBA human resources exam worksheet 23 for online certificate programs. Practice "Human Resources Training" quiz with answers, training development Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free training development MCQs, designing training plans, rights and responsibilities issues, management development, health care benefits, training development test prep for admission in top business universities.

"The private organizational network which limits the access of information to the authorized users is classified as", training development Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices wide area network, informal network, extranet, and intranet for best online business schools. Learn human resources training questions and answers with free online certification courses for highest rated online MBA programs. Training Development Video

Training Development Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Training Development Quiz

MCQ: The private organizational network which limits the access of information to the authorized users is classified as

  1. informal network
  2. wide area network
  3. extranet
  4. intranet


Health Care Benefits Quiz

MCQ: The audit of costs and services of all the bills of health care providers is classified as

  1. productivity review
  2. profitability review
  3. utilization review
  4. wellness review


Management Development Quiz

MCQ: The situation which occurs when an employee learns the new ideas and returns to workplace where people follows same old ideas is classified as

  1. capsulated training
  2. encapsulated training
  3. capsulated development
  4. encapsulated development


Rights and Responsibilities Issues Quiz

MCQ: The agreement used to define the outlines of employment details is classified as

  1. contributory agreement
  2. controlled agreement
  3. separation agreement
  4. employment contract


Designing Training Plans Quiz

MCQ: The type of practice which considers several sessions scheduled on different intervals of time such as days or hours is classified as

  1. active practice
  2. spaced practice
  3. massed practice
  4. spatial practice