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PHP Quizzes Online PDF Download eBook

Php quizzes, php quiz questions and answers for online learning CS courses. Php Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with interactive practice questions and answers for career assessment test. Free php prep guide has php quiz questions for distance learning education on topics as

Php MCQs Tests

Php multiple choice questions and answers, php career test with job interview questions and answers. Free php practice tests has competitive exams prep guide with php tests online for interactive e-learning. Php topics for summative and formative assessment are as:

  1. Basic PHP Constructs for OOP
  2. What are PHP Arrays
  3. Type Round up
  4. File Reading and Writing Functions
  5. Error Handling in PHP
  6. Using Web Server Logs
  7. Bugs in PHP
  8. Advanced String Function
  9. PHP Superglobal Arrays
  10. Strings in PHP
  11. PHP Mailing Lists
  12. Numerical Types
  13. Get Arguments
  14. Translation: Variables and Arrays
  15. OOP and PHP
  16. String Replacement
  17. Simple Mathematical Functions
  18. Comparison and Searching
  19. Including Files
  20. Server Side Scripting
  21. How Sessions Work in PHP
  22. PHP for Java Programmers
  23. PHP and Case Sensitive
  24. Mathematical Operator
  25. Overriding Functions
  26. Understanding PHP Configuration
  27. Stacks and Queues
  28. Variable Numbers of Arguments
  29. Home grown Alternatives
  30. Multidimensional Arrays
  31. Unbound Variables
  32. Constants
  33. Transformation of Arrays
  34. Printing and Output
  35. PHP Exam Questions
  36. Introspection Functions
  37. Function Problems
  38. Filesystem and Directory Functions
  39. PHP Error Reporting and Logging
  40. Logical Operators
  41. Iterations
  42. Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
  43. OOP Styles in PHP
  44. Randomness
  45. Object Oriented Programming
  46. Assignment and Coercion
  47. Uses of Arrays
  48. PHP Variables
  49. Retrieving Values
  50. Possible Attacks
  51. Simple Session Code
  52. Cookies
  53. Hashing using MD5
  54. Base Conversion
  55. Case Functions
  56. Sending HTTP Headers
  57. String Cleanup Functions
  58. Substring Selection
  59. Ternary Operator
  60. Escaping Functions
  61. What is PHP
  62. Network Functions
  63. Creating Images using GD
  64. Environment Variables
  65. Serialization
  66. heredoc Syntax
  67. Sessions and PHP
  68. PHP and Looping
  69. PHP File Permissions
  70. Statements Termination
  71. Defining PHP Functions
  72. Parsing Errors
  73. Output in PHP
  74. Arbitrary Precision
  75. PHP Gotchas
  76. Math Problems
  77. Post Arguments
  78. Simplest Weblog
  79. Canonical PHP Tags
  80. PHP: Regular Expressions
  81. Characters and String indexes
  82. Creating Arrays in PHP
  83. Function Scope
  84. Windows Configuration
  85. PHP and Trigonometry
  86. Tokenizing and Parsing Functions
  87. Language Differences
  88. HTML and PHP
  89. Functions and variable scope
  90. Formatting Forms Variables
  91. PHP Comments
  92. Automatic type conversion
  93. Sorting
  94. PHP Extensions
  95. Branching in PHP
  96. PHP and PostgreSQL
  97. Date and Time Functions
  98. Rendering Problems
  99. Major PHP Projects
  100. Configuration Issues
  101. What is object oriented programming
  102. Mathematical Constants
  103. Deleting from Arrays
  104. Stateless HTTP
  105. Microsoft Windows and Apache
  106. Exponents and Logarithms
  107. Using Functions