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AS and A Level Multiple Choice Questions PDF Download

The A Level (Advanced Level) is known to be a college leaving qualification, offered by United Kingdom. The courses and exams are conducted in a number of countries like United Kingdom, Singapore, Brunei, Mauritius, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, India, Seychelles and Pakistan.

Here you may find a number of multiple choice questions on Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics. These MCQs are not only for the students from GCE A and As Levels but any student who is interested, may attempt.

A Level Chemistry MCQs and Quizzes PDF Download eBook

A level chemistry quiz questions to learn chemistry distance learning courses. Practice multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online colleges, university degree. Learn A level chemistry MCQs on chemistry topics as:

Alcohols and Esters MCQs Chapter 1 27 Questions
Atomic Structure and Theory MCQs Chapter 2 37 Questions
Benzene: Chemical Compound MCQs Chapter 3 41 Questions
Carbonyl Compounds MCQs Chapter 4 29 Questions
Carboxylic Acids and Acyl Compounds MCQs Chapter 5 27 Questions
Chemical Bonding MCQs Chapter 6 213 Questions
Chemistry of Life MCQs Chapter 7 29 Questions
Electrode Potential MCQs Chapter 8 62 Questions
Electrons in Atoms MCQs Chapter 9 53 Questions
Enthalpy Change MCQs Chapter 10 45 Questions
Equilibrium MCQs Chapter 11 50 Questions
Group IV MCQs Chapter 12 53 Questions
Groups II and VII MCQs Chapter 13 180 Questions
Halogenoalkanes MCQs Chapter 14 33 Questions
Hydrocarbons MCQs Chapter 15 53 Questions
Introduction to Organic Chemistry MCQs Chapter 16 52 Questions
Ionic Equilibria MCQs Chapter 17 56 Questions
Lattice Energy MCQs Chapter 18 33 Questions
Moles and Equations MCQs Chapter 19 50 Questions
Nitrogen and Sulfur MCQs Chapter 20 89 Questions
Organic and Nitrogen Compounds MCQs Chapter 21 54 Questions
Periodicity MCQs Chapter 22 202 Questions
Polymerization MCQs Chapter 23 36 Questions
Rates of Reaction MCQs Chapter 24 39 Questions
Reaction Kinetics MCQs Chapter 25 52 Questions
Redox Reactions and Electrolysis MCQs Chapter 26 55 Questions
States of Matter MCQs Chapter 27 66 Questions
Transition Elements MCQs Chapter 28 29 Questions

A Level Math MCQs and Quizzes

A level math quiz questions to learn math distance learning courses. Practice multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online colleges, university degree. Learn A level math MCQs on math topics as:

Algebra 1 10 MCQs

Coordinate Geometry 8 MCQs

Fractions 6 MCQs

Quadratic Equations and Simultaneous Equations 12 MCQs

Surds and Indices 14 MCQs

A Level Physics MCQs and Quizzes PDF Download eBook

A level physics quiz questions to learn physics distance learning courses. Practice multiple choice questions (MCQs) for online colleges, university degree. Learn A level physics MCQs on physics topics as:

Accelerated Motion MCQs Chapter 1 22 Questions
Alternating Current MCQs Chapter 2 16 Questions
AS Level Physics MCQs Chapter 3 35 Questions
Capacitance MCQs Chapter 4 12 Questions
Charged Particles MCQs Chapter 5 11 Questions
Circular Motion in Physics MCQs Chapter 6 17 Questions
Communication Systems MCQs Chapter 7 25 Questions
Electric Current, Potential Difference and Resistance MCQs Chapter 8 23 Questions
Electric Field MCQs Chapter 9 11 Questions
Electromagnetic Induction MCQs Chapter 10 14 Questions
Electromagnetism and Magnetic Field MCQs Chapter 11 19 Questions
Electronics MCQs Chapter 12 24 Questions
Forces, Vectors and Moments MCQs Chapter 13 12 Questions
Gravitational Field MCQs Chapter 14 18 Questions
Ideal Gas MCQs Chapter 15 19 Questions
Kinematics Motion MCQs Chapter 16 12 Questions
Kirchhoffs Laws MCQs Chapter 17 12 Questions
Matter and Materials MCQs Chapter 18 22 Questions
Mechanics and Properties of Matter MCQs Chapter 19 39 Questions
Medical Imaging MCQs Chapter 20 34 Questions
Momentum MCQs Chapter 21 22 Questions
Motion Dynamics MCQs Chapter 22 26 Questions
Nuclear Physics MCQs Chapter 23 19 Questions
Oscillations MCQs Chapter 24 28 Questions
Physics Problems AS Level MCQs Chapter 25 22 Questions
Physics: Waves MCQs Chapter 26 22 Questions
Quantum Physics MCQs Chapter 27 30 Questions
Radioactivity MCQs Chapter 28 34 Questions
Resistance and Resistivity MCQs Chapter 29 17 Questions
Superposition of Waves MCQs Chapter 30 21 Questions
Thermal Physics MCQs Chapter 31 15 Questions
Work, Energy and Power MCQs Chapter 32 15 Questions