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A Level Math MCQs

Following A level math exam preparation tests has multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers for online learning with A level Math quiz based MCQs on topics in this student portal with order of importance as:

Algebra 1 10 MCQs

Coordinate Geometry 8 MCQs

Fractions 6 MCQs

Quadratic Equations and Simultaneous Equations 12 MCQs

Surds and Indices 14 MCQs

A Level Maths Tests

  1. Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions
  2. Addition and Subtraction of Expressions
  3. Coefficients
  4. Expansion of two brackets
  5. Difference of two squares
  6. Squares
  7. Factorising Quadratic Expressions
  8. Harder Factorising
  9. Harder Expansion
  10. Simplification of Fractions
  11. Multiplication and Division
  12. Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
  13. Partial Fractions
  14. Surds
  15. Multiplying Surds
  16. Rationalising the Denominator
  17. Indices
  18. Logarithms
  19. The Laws of Logarithms
  20. Solution by Factorising
  21. Losing a Solution
  22. The Formula for Solving a Quadratic Equation
  23. Simultaneous Equations
  24. Properties of the Roots of a Quadratic Equation
  25. Cartesian Coordinates