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What is molecular biology

As Biology is branch of science in which study of living organisms can be undertaken. Molecular Biology is further branch of biology in which small molecules are under study and observation. It is basically connected with the cell's structure, its particles. Now molecular biology studies what about cell? It basically helps examining how molecules assist cells' structure, its functioning and development.

For more understanding if we compare with an example, that we can identify lot of things by analyzing major things in human being. it can be color, height, weight, blood group, etc, but to study and analyze more deeply that how cell functions, what are sub particles of cell, how development takes place by RNA and DNA, we need to study more. For this purpose Molecular Biology will be helping hand. After studying Molecular Biology and examining minutely scientists and biologists are now able to prepare medicines and vaccines of those disorders or diseases whose treatment was unidentified and clue less early.

Molecular biology is very accommodating in diagnosing hereditary diseases. Now days there are problems like bird flu, dementia, Gene organization and other complex diseases can be easily diagnosed if you have know how of molecular biology. It is about biological changes at molecular echelon.

Although Molecular biological process is very much prevalent now days but it cannot completely wipe out the conventional method for series of diseases. Even molecular biology is very helpful to reveal almost 30 kinds of bacteria but much more research is required to reveal some hidden information. This study has provided a new and completely diverse way to considerate living organisms. It is one of greatest revolution in history of sciences because it can transform the DNA molecule, and further it can amend job of cell, that is not lesser than a miracle.

If we briefly overview about field of molecular biology, its study can provide you lots of benefits e.g. cutting edge knowledge, employability, excellent pay and public services opportunity.