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Cortex-M Processors Pipelining Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download

Practice Cortex-M Processors Pipelining quiz questions and answers PDF, cortex-m processors pipelining trivia questions to solve ARM processors worksheet 1 for online engineering courses. Practice "Introduction to ARM Processors" quiz questions and answers, cortex-m processors pipelining Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online electronics engineering degree. Free cortex-m processors pipelining MCQs, processor core, challenges in low power microprocessor design, cortex-m processors pipelining test prep for engineering associate's degree online.

"In Cortex-M processors, first step of pipeline is", cortex-m processors pipelining Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with choices decode, fetch, memorize, and execute for associate degrees in engineering.

Quiz on Cortex-M Processors Pipelining PDF Download 1

Cortex-M Processors Pipelining Quiz

MCQ: In Cortex-M processors, first step of pipeline is

  1. fetch
  2. decode
  3. memorize
  4. execute


Challenges in Low Power Microprocessor Design Quiz

MCQ: One of the most common and effective ways to reduce clock activity is

  1. clock generation
  2. clock loading
  3. clock gating
  4. clock disabling


Processor Core Quiz

MCQ: Main processor chip in computers is

  1. ASIC
  2. ASSP
  3. CPU
  4. CPLD


Typical Elements Inside a Microcontroller Quiz

MCQ: In microcontrollers, low power timer for counting seconds and keep the track of current time is termed as

  1. PLL
  2. RTC
  3. GPIO
  4. SPI


Processor Core Quiz

MCQ: Processor inside a microcontroller product or chip product, excluding the memory system, peripherals, and other system support components is termed as

  1. flip flop
  2. processor core
  3. CPLD
  4. FPGA