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Computer Fundamentals Quizzes Online PDF Download eBook

Computer Fundamentals MCQs Tests

Computer fundamentals multiple choice questions and answers, computer fundamentals career test with job interview questions and answers. Free computer fundamentals practice tests has competitive exams prep guide with computer fundamentals tests online for interactive e-learning. Computer fundamentals topics for summative and formative assessment are as:

  1. Input and Output Devices
  2. Searching, Merging and Sorting
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Representing Algorithms Flowcharts and Structure Diagram
  5. Program Errors
  6. Two States and Characters
  7. Communication, Remote and Local
  8. Stock Control Software
  9. Applications Programs and System Programs
  10. Subroutines, Procedures and Functions
  11. Program Libraries
  12. Computer Registers
  13. Data Types and Structures
  14. Program Design and Implementation
  15. Data Processing Manager
  16. User Interfaces
  17. Data Collection and Input
  18. Digital Computers
  19. Introduction to High Level Languages
  20. Visual Display Terminals
  21. Integrity of Input Data
  22. Binary Representation of Characters
  23. Types of Storage
  24. Backing Stores
  25. File System and File Usage
  26. Representation of Fractions in Binary
  27. Processing of Data
  28. Computer Programmer
  29. Computer Organization and Access
  30. Input at Terminals and Microcomputers
  31. Document Readers
  32. Computer Plotters
  33. Bar codes, Tags and Magnetic Stripes
  34. Programs and Program Languages
  35. Real Time Processing
  36. Batch Processing
  37. Data Types and Structural Programming
  38. Multi Access System
  39. Types of Computer Printers
  40. Databases and Data Banks
  41. Input Output
  42. Steps in Systems Analysis and Design
  43. Applications and System Programs
  44. Logic Circuits and Logic Gates
  45. Storage and Handling of Files
  46. Peripheral Devices
  47. Detection of Program Errors
  48. Program Documentation
  49. Error Detection and Correction
  50. High Level Computer Programming
  51. Control Statement in Computers
  52. Master and Transaction Files
  53. Batch Process in Computers
  54. High Level Programming
  55. Control Statements
  56. Computer Architecture and Organization
  57. Low Level Programming
  58. Multi Access Network
  59. Basics of High Level Languages
  60. Typical Instruction Set
  61. Data and Information
  62. Binary Representation of Numbers
  63. Updating Files
  64. Octal and Hexadecimal
  65. Backup Storage in Computers
  66. Operating Systems
  67. Computer Hardware
  68. Storage Devices of Computer
  69. Software Programmer
  70. Positive and Negative Integers
  71. Control Statements in Basic language
  72. Main Memory Storage
  73. Program Style and Layout
  74. Truth Tables
  75. Software Evaluation and Usage
  76. Real Time Image Processing
  77. Input Devices
  78. File Storage and Handling of Files
  79. Typical Instruction Format
  80. Use of Keyboards
  81. Printers for Computer Printing
  82. Microprocessors and Microcomputers
  83. Programs and Machines
  84. Control Statements in Comal language
  85. Methods of Storing Integers
  86. Steps in Problem Solving
  87. Data Accuracy
  88. Sorting Files
  89. Data Processing Cycle
  90. Encoding and Decoding
  91. Fetch Execute Cycle