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Operating System Quizzes Online PDF Download eBook

Operating System MCQs Tests

Operating system multiple choice questions and answers, operating system career test with job interview questions and answers. Free operating system practice tests has competitive exams prep guide with Operating System tests online with quiz questions answers for interactive e-learning. Operating system topics for summative and formative assessment.

  1. Operating system operations
  2. Computer System Architecture
  3. Thread States
  4. Process Description
  5. Operating system structure
  6. Deadlock Detection
  7. Kernel Level Threads
  8. Traditional UNIX System
  9. Computer Architecture
  10. System calls in Operating System
  11. Process management
  12. Security Issues
  13. Linux Operating System
  14. Concurrency Deadlock and Starvation
  15. Types of system calls
  16. Operating system services
  17. User operating system interface
  18. Instruction Execution
  19. Computer system organization
  20. Input Output and Internet Management
  21. What is Process Test
  22. Microkernel Architecture
  23. Cache Principles
  24. Evolution of Operating Systems
  25. Basic Elements
  26. Asynchronous Processing
  27. Operating System Objectives and Functions
  28. What operating system do
  29. Process and Thread Object
  30. Symmetric Multiprocessors SMP Architecture
  31. Interrupts
  32. Major Achievements in OS
  33. User Visible Registers
  34. Message Passing
  35. Development Leading to Modern Operating System
  36. Control and Status Registers
  37. Low Level Memory Management
  38. Deadlock Detection Algorithm
  39. Mutual Exclusion
  40. M+G88:G92icrokernel Architecture
  41. Consumable Resources
  42. Addressing in OS
  43. Input Output and Communication Techniques
  44. Process Control Structure
  45. Two State Process Model
  46. Modular Program Execution
  47. Multithreading in OS
  48. Cache Design
  49. An Integrated Deadlock Strategy
  50. Threads, SMP and Microkernels
  51. Deadlock Avoidance
  52. Process States
  53. Microsoft Windows Overview
  54. Circular Wait
  55. Resource Allocation and Ownership
  56. Microkernel Design
  57. Process Structure
  58. Computer Architecture and Organization
  59. Linux Process and Thread Management
  60. Creation and Termination of Processes
  61. Dining Philosophers Problem
  62. Modes of Execution
  63. Windows Threads and SMP Management
  64. Processor Registers
  65. User Level Threads
  66. Five State Process Model
  67. Message Format
  68. Symmetric Multiprocessing
  69. Interprocess Communication
  70. Multiprocessor Operating System Design
  71. Deadlock Prevention
  72. Principles of Concurrency
  73. Monitor with Signal