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O Level Environmental Management Quiz Based MCQs with Answers

Practice O Level environmental management quizzes, multiple choice questions (MCQ) and answers to practice environmental management tests online for e-learning. Free study guide has environmental management quiz online MCQs on chapters listed as:

Environmental Management Quizzes and MCQs Questions

Learn O Level environmental management quiz question with environmental management online tests. Free study guides and worksheets has multiple choice questions on environmental management tests online quizzes with questions answers for interactive learning.

  1. Biomes and Distribution
  2. Climatic Hazards, Impacts and Strategies for Reduction
  3. Sustainable Development
  4. Examples of Energy Sources
  5. Sustainable Forest Management Techniques
  6. Energy Production and Patterns
  7. Wind Energy
  8. Flooding and Drought
  9. Environmental Management O Level
  10. Alternative Energy Resources
  11. Farming and Types
  12. Producers, Consumers Food Chain and Webs
  13. Human Activities and Impacts Earth's Environment
  14. Agricultural Techniques to Increase Yield
  15. Supply, Demand and Mining
  16. Malaria Disease
  17. Atmosphere: Structure Composition and Energy Source
  18. Relationships of Organisms
  19. Main Causes of Water Pollution
  20. Earthquakes Impacts on People
  21. Energy Flow and Food Chain
  22. Resource Potential of Oceans
  23. Means of Rainforest Destruction
  24. Biodiversity
  25. Strategies to Reduce effects of Acid rain
  26. Water Cycle and Availability in Earth
  27. Strategies of Conservation
  28. Effects of Modern Agricultural Practices
  29. Energy Flows
  30. Climatic Hazards, Causes and Occurrence
  31. Nature Reserves and National Parks
  32. Atmospheric Pollution: Causes, Effects and Strategies
  33. Marine Pollution: Control and Remedies
  34. Case Study: Malaria
  35. Role of Water within Ecosystem
  36. Methods to Increase Crop Yield
  37. Methods: Search and Extraction of Rocks and Minerals
  38. Modern Agricultural: Effects on Environment
  39. El Nino and Effects
  40. Competition for Water Supply
  41. Cholera
  42. Industry: Economic and Social Growth
  43. Causes of Land Pollution
  44. Nutrient Cycling
  45. Organization of Ecosystem
  46. Farming Systems, Agricultural Techniques and Management
  47. Environmental Management IGCSE
  48. Water Related Diseases
  49. Fresh Water and Water Supply
  50. Effects of Ocean Currents
  51. Pollination
  52. O Level Environmental Management
  53. Biomes Test
  54. Land Pollution: Industries and Urban Areas
  55. Ecosystems Function, Operation and Resources
  56. Soils Formation, Composition and Uses
  57. Pollution in Urban Areas
  58. Deforestation and Sustainable Management of Forests
  59. Southern Ocean
  60. Damage to Ozone Layer
  61. Over Fishing and Consequences
  62. Distribution, Types and Reserves of Major Minerals
  63. Earth, Rocks and Minerals
  64. Global Warming and Green House Effect
  65. Fossil Fuels and Energy
  66. Marine Pollution Causes and Impacts
  67. World Pattern of Trade
  68. ES: Oceans
  69. Resource Potential of Biomes
  70. Strategies to Improve Urban Quality
  71. Weather Measurements
  72. Tectonic Activity
  73. Climate and Human Activity
  74. Green Revolution, Advantages and Disadvantages
  75. Rocks in Industrial Processes
  76. Consequences of Land pollution
  77. World Trade in Oil
  78. Environmental Sustainability
  79. Environmental Impacts of Agriculture
  80. Water Quality Improvement and Supply
  81. Habitat Destruction and effects on Species
  82. EM: Effects of Acid Rain
  83. Water Treatment
  84. Sustainable and Environment development
  85. Adverse Effect of Modern Agricultural Practices
  86. Human Use of Ocean Resources
  87. Water, Solar and Wind Power Sources
  88. Genetic Engineering and GM Crops
  89. Soil Erosion, Desertification and Conservation
  90. Nuclear Energy
  91. Tourism and Impacts
  92. Acid Rains
  93. Human Activities and Earth's Environment
  94. Weather and Climate Measurements
  95. Geothermal Energy
  96. Natural Resources
  97. Water Storage and Supply
  98. Minerals and Environmental Conservation
  99. Impacts of Intensive Framing
  100. Impacts of Mining on People
  101. Carbon Cycle
  102. Areas and Risk
  103. Latest Techniques to Improve Crop Yield
  104. Availability of Water
  105. Ocean Currents Distribution and Effects
  106. Desert, Temperate and Cold Climates
  107. Energy Production and Environmental Problems
  108. Adaptations to Physical Factors
  109. Farming: Environmental Management
  110. Water and Classification of Diseases
  111. World Population Growth
  112. Physical Factors for Adaptations
  113. Weather Instruments
  114. Earthquake Risks