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Rocket Propulsion Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook p. 53

Rocket Propulsion quiz questions, rocket propulsion multiple choice questions and answers PDF 53 to learn applied physics course for online certification. Practice "Applied Physics Motion and Force" quiz with answers, rocket propulsion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice physics test with answers for online college degrees. Free rocket propulsion MCQs, significant figures calculations, angular displacement, rocket propulsion test prep for online degree programs.

"Typical rocket ejects burnt gases at speeds of over", rocket propulsion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices 3000 m s-1, 2000 m s-1, 3500 m s-1, and 4000 m s-1 for accredited online college courses. Learn applied physics motion and force questions and answers for online colleges for science. Rocket Propulsion Video

Rocket Propulsion Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Rocket Propulsion Quiz

MCQ: Typical rocket ejects burnt gases at speeds of over

  1. 2000 m s-1
  2. 3000 m s-1
  3. 3500 m s-1
  4. 4000 m s-1


Angular Displacement Quiz

MCQ: One radian is equal to angle of

  1. 57.3°
  2. 57.4°
  3. 53.3°
  4. 58.3°


Angular Displacement Quiz

MCQ: One revolution is equal to the angle of

  1. 90°
  2. 180°
  3. 270°
  4. 360°


Significant Figures Calculations Quiz

MCQ: After the decimal point, the number is less than 5 which is to be neglected,then the retained number

  1. gets increased
  2. get decreased
  3. remains unchanged
  4. may decreased


Gauss Law Quiz

MCQ: Law stated as flux is 1/Eo times the total charge is

  1. ohms law
  2. newton's law
  3. gauss's law
  4. coulombs law