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The Book GCE A Level Chemistry Quiz Questions, GCE Chemistry multiple choice questions and answers PDF to study online courses, gce chemistry courses for entry tests and competitive exams. The eBook GCE A Level Chemistry Quiz App Download: Chemical Bonding, Introduction to Organic Chemistry, Reaction Kinetics, Ionic Equilibria, Periodicity, and many more chapters for distance learning. Download FREE "GCE Chemistry Quiz" App (iOS & Android) with GCE A Level Chemistry quizzes from GCE Chemistry textbook chapters as:

Alcohols and Esters Quiz
Chapter 1: 27 MCQ Questions
Atomic Structure and Theory Quiz
Chapter 2: 37 MCQ Questions
Benzene: Chemical Compound Quiz
Chapter 3: 41 MCQ Questions
Carbonyl Compounds Quiz
Chapter 4: 29 MCQ Questions
Carboxylic Acids and Acyl Compounds Quiz
Chapter 5: 27 MCQ Questions
Chemical Bonding Quiz
Chapter 6: 213 MCQ Questions
Chemistry of Life Quiz
Chapter 7: 29 MCQ Questions
Electrode Potential Quiz
Chapter 8: 62 MCQ Questions
Electrons in Atoms Quiz
Chapter 9: 53 MCQ Questions
Enthalpy Change Quiz
Chapter 10: 45 MCQ Questions
Equilibrium Quiz
Chapter 11: 50 MCQ Questions
Group IV Quiz
Chapter 12: 53 MCQ Questions
Groups II and VII Quiz
Chapter 13: 180 MCQ Questions
Halogenoalkanes Quiz
Chapter 14: 33 MCQ Questions
Hydrocarbons Quiz
Chapter 15: 53 MCQ Questions
Introduction to Organic Chemistry Quiz
Chapter 16: 52 MCQ Questions
Ionic Equilibria Quiz
Chapter 17: 56 MCQ Questions
Lattice Energy Quiz
Chapter 18: 33 MCQ Questions
Moles and Equations Quiz
Chapter 19: 50 MCQ Questions
Nitrogen and Sulfur Quiz
Chapter 20: 89 MCQ Questions
Organic and Nitrogen Compounds Quiz
Chapter 21: 54 MCQ Questions
Periodicity Quiz
Chapter 22: 202 MCQ Questions
Polymerization Quiz
Chapter 23: 36 MCQ Questions
Rates of Reaction Quiz
Chapter 24: 39 MCQ Questions
Reaction Kinetics Quiz
Chapter 25: 52 MCQ Questions
Redox Reactions and Electrolysis Quiz
Chapter 26: 55 MCQ Questions
States of Matter Quiz
Chapter 27: 66 MCQ Questions
Transition Elements Quiz
Chapter 28: 29 MCQ Questions

Practice Tests from GCE A Level Chemistry Textbook PDF Download

Practice a complete course with topics GCE A Level Chemistry MCQ Questions Bank from GCE Chemistry textbooks and study notes. Following topics are related to GCE A Level Chemistry course with MCQ questions and answers for self-assessment as:

Test 1: Acid Base Equilibria MCQs
Test 2: Acidic Oxides and Basic Oxides MCQs
Test 3: Acidity of Carboxylic Acids MCQs
Test 4: Acyl Chlorides MCQs
Test 5: Addition Reactions of Alkenes MCQs
Test 6: Alcohols Reactions MCQs
Test 7: Aldehydes and Ketone Testing MCQs
Test 8: Alkanes Reaction MCQs
Test 9: Alkenes and Formulas MCQs
Test 10: Aluminum Oxide MCQs
Test 11: Amides in Chemistry MCQs
Test 12: Amines MCQs
Test 13: Amino Acids MCQs
Test 14: Ammonia and Ammonium Compounds MCQs
Test 15: Amount of Substance MCQs
Test 16: Arenes Reaction MCQs
Test 17: Atom Facts MCQs
Test 18: Atomic Number of Group II Metals MCQs
Test 19: Atomization and Electron Affinity MCQs
Test 20: Atoms and Molecules Mass MCQs
Test 21: Balancing Equation: Period 3 Chlorides MCQs
Test 22: Balancing Equations: Reactions with Chlorine MCQs
Test 23: Balancing Equations: Reactions with oxygen MCQs
Test 24: Bond Angle and Bond Energy MCQs
Test 25: Bond Energies and Enthalpies MCQs
Test 26: Bond Energy and Bond Length MCQs
Test 27: Bonding and Physical Properties MCQs
Test 28: Bonding Energy in Chemistry MCQs
Test 29: Bonding nature of Period 3 Oxides MCQs
Test 30: Born Haber Cycle MCQs
Test 31: Buffer Solutions MCQs
Test 32: Catalysis MCQs
Test 33: Catalysts MCQs
Test 34: Cells and Batteries MCQs
Test 35: Ceramic: Silicon Oxide MCQs
Test 36: Ceramics MCQs
Test 37: Chemical Bonding Electron Pair and Repulsion Theory MCQs
Test 38: Chemical Bonding Types MCQs
Test 39: Chemical Formula and Equations MCQs
Test 40: Chemical Industry Equilibria MCQs
Test 41: Chemical Properties of Chlorine MCQs
Test 42: Chemical Properties of Oxygen MCQs
Test 43: Chemical Properties Periodicity MCQs
Test 44: Chemistry Periodic Table MCQs
Test 45: Chemistry: Nitrogen MCQs
Test 46: Chemistry: Oxides MCQs
Test 47: Chlorides of Period 3 elements MCQs
Test 48: Collision Theory MCQs
Test 49: Covalent Bonding MCQs
Test 50: Covalent bonds in Chemistry MCQs
Test 51: Density of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 52: Disproportionation MCQs
Test 53: Double Covalent bonds and triple covalent bonds MCQs
Test 54: E-Plimsoll Values MCQs
Test 55: Effect of Concentration MCQs
Test 56: Electrical Conductivity in Period 3 Oxides MCQs
Test 57: Electrode Potentials MCQs
Test 58: Electrolysis Process MCQs
Test 59: Electrolysis Technique MCQs
Test 60: Electron Pair Repulsion and Bond Angles MCQs
Test 61: Electron Pair Repulsion Theory MCQs
Test 62: Electronegativity of Period 3 Oxides MCQs
Test 63: Electronic Configurations MCQs
Test 64: Electronic Structure Evidence MCQs
Test 65: Elements and Atoms MCQs
Test 66: Elimination Reactions MCQs
Test 67: Enthalpy Change of Vaporization MCQs
Test 68: Enthalpy Changes in Solution MCQs
Test 69: Environmental Problems Caused by Nitrogen Compounds and Nitrate Fertilizers MCQs
Test 70: Enzyme Specifity MCQs
Test 71: Enzymes in Chemistry MCQs
Test 72: Equilibrium and Solubility MCQs
Test 73: Equilibrium Constant Expression MCQs
Test 74: Equilibrium Position MCQs
Test 75: Ethanoic Acid MCQs
Test 76: Fluorine MCQs
Test 77: Functional Groups MCQs
Test 78: Gas Reactions Equilibria MCQs
Test 79: Gas Volumes MCQs
Test 80: Gaseous State MCQs
Test 81: Group II Elements and Reactions MCQs
Test 82: Group VII Elements and Reactions MCQs
Test 83: Halogens and Compounds MCQs
Test 84: Hess Law MCQs
Test 85: Indicators and Acid Base Titrations MCQs
Test 86: Intermolecular Forces in Chemistry MCQs
Test 87: Introduction to Alcohols MCQs
Test 88: Introduction to Alkanes MCQs
Test 89: Introduction to Benzene MCQs
Test 90: Introduction to Carbonyl Compounds MCQs
Test 91: Introduction to Chemistry MCQs
Test 92: Introduction to Energy Changes MCQs
Test 93: Introduction to Group IV MCQs
Test 94: Introduction to Ionic Equilibria MCQs
Test 95: Introduction to Lattice Energy MCQs
Test 96: Ion Polarization MCQs
Test 97: Ionic Bonding MCQs
Test 98: Ionic Bonds and Covalent Bonds MCQs
Test 99: Ionic Bonds in Chemistry MCQs
Test 100: Ionization Energy MCQs
Test 101: Kinetics and Reaction Mechanism MCQs
Test 102: Lattice Energy Value MCQs
Test 103: Ligands and Complex Formation MCQs
Test 104: Liquid State MCQs
Test 105: Materials Conservations MCQs
Test 106: Measuring Enthalpy Changes MCQs
Test 107: Measuring Standard Electrode Potential MCQs
Test 108: Mechanisms: Organic Reactions MCQs
Test 109: Melting Points of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 110: Metallic Bonding MCQs
Test 111: Metallic Bonding and Delocalized Electrons MCQs
Test 112: Metallic Character of Group IV Elements MCQs
Test 113: Metallic Radii of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 114: Mole Calculations MCQs
Test 115: Molecular Structures of Period 3 Oxides MCQs
Test 116: Naming Organic Compounds MCQs
Test 117: Nitrogen and Its Compounds MCQs
Test 118: Nitrogen and Gas Properties MCQs
Test 119: Nitrogen Gas MCQs
Test 120: Nucleophilic Addition with HCN MCQs
Test 121: Nucleophilic Substitution in Halogenoalkanes MCQs
Test 122: Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions MCQs
Test 123: Number of electrons MCQs
Test 124: Number of Nucleons MCQs
Test 125: Order of Reaction MCQs
Test 126: Oxidation number of oxides MCQs
Test 127: Oxidation Numbers MCQs
Test 128: Oxides and Hydroxides of Period 3 Elements MCQs
Test 129: Oxides of Period 3 Elements MCQs
Test 130: Peptides and Proteins MCQs
Test 131: Period III Chlorides MCQs
Test 132: Periodic Table Electronegativity MCQs
Test 133: Periodic Table Elements MCQs
Test 134: Periodic Table Ionization Energies MCQs
Test 135: pH Calculations MCQs
Test 136: Phenol and Properties MCQs
Test 137: Physical Properties of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 138: Physical properties of Group VII Elements MCQs
Test 139: Physical Properties of Group VII Elements MCQs
Test 140: Physical Properties of Transition Elements MCQs
Test 141: Physical Properties Periodicity MCQs
Test 142: Polyamides MCQs
Test 143: Polyesters MCQs
Test 144: Polymer Deductions MCQs
Test 145: Preparation of Aldehydes and Ketone MCQs
Test 146: Properties Variation in Group IV MCQs
Test 147: Protons, Electrons and Neutrons MCQs
Test 148: Quantitative Electrolysis MCQs
Test 149: Rare Constant k MCQs
Test 150: Rate Equations MCQs
Test 151: Rate of Reaction MCQs
Test 152: Reaction Kinetics MCQs
Test 153: Reaction of Group II Elements with Oxygen MCQs
Test 154: Reaction of Sodium and Magnesium with water MCQs
Test 155: Reactions of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 156: Reactions of Group VII Elements MCQs
Test 157: Reactions of Phenol MCQs
Test 158: Reactions to Form Tri-Iodomethane MCQs
Test 159: Redox and Electron Transfer MCQs
Test 160: Redox and Oxidation MCQs
Test 161: Redox Reaction MCQs
Test 162: Reduction of Aldehydes and Ketone MCQs
Test 163: Reintroducing Amino Acids and Proteins MCQs
Test 164: Relative Atomic Mass MCQs
Test 165: Relative Melting Point of Period 3 Oxides MCQs
Test 166: Relative Stability of Oxidation States MCQs
Test 167: Reversible Reactions MCQs
Test 168: Sigma bonds and Pi bonds MCQs
Test 169: Sigma-bonds, Pi-bonds, s-orbital and p-orbital MCQs
Test 170: Simple Electronic Structure MCQs
Test 171: Solid State MCQs
Test 172: Solutions and Concentrations MCQs
Test 173: Sources of Alkanes MCQs
Test 174: Standard Enthalpy Changes MCQs
Test 175: States of matter MCQs
Test 176: Stereoisomerism MCQs
Test 177: Structural Isomerism MCQs
Test 178: Sub Shells and Atomic Orbitals MCQs
Test 179: Sulfur and Oxides MCQs
Test 180: Sulfuric Acid and Properties MCQs
Test 181: Temperature Effect on Reaction Rate MCQs
Test 182: Tetra Chlorides MCQs
Test 183: Thermal Decomposition of Carbonates and Nitrates MCQs
Test 184: Thermal Decomposition of Group II Carbonates MCQs
Test 185: Thermal decomposition of Group II Nitrates MCQs
Test 186: Types of Organic Reactions MCQs
Test 187: Types of Polymerisation MCQs
Test 188: Uses of Group II Elements MCQs
Test 189: Uses of Group II Metals MCQs
Test 190: Uses of Halogenoalkanes MCQs
Test 191: Uses of Halogens and their Compounds MCQs
Test 192: Uses of Sulfuric Acid MCQs
Test 193: Van der Walls forces and BP MCQs
Test 194: Van der Walls forces and contact points MCQs
Test 195: Van der Walls forces in Chemistry MCQs
Test 196: Weak Acids MCQs
Test 197: What is Organic Chemistry MCQs

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