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Cortex-M3 Processor Quiz Questions Online p. 40

Learn Cortex-M3 Processor quiz questions and answers, cortex-m3 processor MCQ with answers PDF 40 to learn ARM Processors online course. Introduction to ARM Processors trivia questions, cortex-m3 processor Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Cortex-M3 Processor Quiz" PDF Book: typical elements inside a microcontroller, cortex-m processor low power support, cortex-m3 processor test prep to apply to colleges online.

"Performance of Cortex-M3 processor with CoreMark 1.0 benchmark is" MCQ PDF: 3.34 mhz, 1.25 mhz, 12.56 mhz, and 1.98 mhz for online engineering graduate schools. Study introduction to arm processors questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for graduate school interview questions.

Quiz on Cortex-M3 Processor MCQs

MCQ: Performance of Cortex-M3 processor with CoreMark 1.0 benchmark is

1.25 MHz
3.34 MHz
12.56 MHz
1.98 MHz

MCQ: Architecturally, speed modes present in Cortex-M processors are


MCQ: A microcontroller peripheral used to convert analog signal-level information into digital form is


MCQ: Special type of ROM in microcontroller which can be reprogrammed many times, typically for storing program code, is

Flash memory
Cache memory

MCQ: Cortex-M0 processor support

36 instructions
56 instructions
64 instruction
89 instructions