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What is computer

Advancement of technology led to several inventions that are beneficial for mankind. Those inventions are serving humanity in almost all the fields of life. One of those inventions is computer that is most influential.

Computer is programmed machine that manipulate information and date. It is capable of storing, retrieving and processing data. Computers work on given or installed instructions as input and as an output it provides results accordingly.

Basic components

The basic components of any computer are:

Hardware that is referred to any part of the computer's physical structure, for instance monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.

For the direction and guidance of hardware there are several instructions installed in the computers. Any set of instruction is defined as software for accomplishment of any task e.g. web browsers, games, micro software. Anything related to computer is classified either as hardware of software.

Input and output devices

The sub-division of components leads to input and output. Input devices are used to enter Information and instructions into a computer of the purpose of storage or processing the data to deliver. Input devices include key board, mouse, scanner, web cam etc.

Output devices are those which output the data or information from the computer. Output devices are the ways of letting the information out of the computer e.g. speakers, screen, printer etc.

Role of computers in our lives

It will not be wrong to say that modern world is dependent on computers because computers are directly or indirectly been associated with our lives and they are used in every walk of life. In present era it is almost impossible to imagine life without computers or their application. It plays pivotal and crucial role in our lives that we cannot deny. In different sectors of life it has essential role e.g. transport, medical, industries, education, military, aviation etc. apart from that it is providing a great support in advertising, media, marketing, event organizing etc.

The services and usage of computers are slowly and positively dominating our lives. If we look around its usage can be found in almost every field of life. In education it helps out in finding information or research material in a fraction of time. Similarly it is a great help in businesses like emailing and communication etc. furthermore it is also source of entertainment such as music, movies, games etc

In a nut shell we can say that computer is the innovative creation of the scientists that is serving mankind in all the best possible ways. It is explicit that further generations will enjoy more creation and fruits of the efforts of today's man.

What is computer networking

In the world of computers networking is the process of sharing data resources (document, printers) through linking certain computers devices together. It allows various computers or electronic communication. The connection can be through cables, telephones lines, radio waves, satellites or infrared light beans computers hardware and computer software both collaborate to create a network.

In several different ways network are categorized. One of those copes is described according to geographic area it is confined to:

Local Area Networking

A local area network (LAN) Is a network that generally span for small and limited area e.g. Single home, writing lab, small office building.

Wide area network

It confined relatively larges geographical areas. It connects and reaches to the networks across the cities, states or even across the globe. The world is largest public WAN is internet.


The connections of computers to a network are broadly categorized as serves or work- station. For providing services to other computers (and human users) server run continuously but generally they are not used directly by human. Services that servers provide include printing, software hosting, faxing, data storage, security for the networks resources and a lot more.

Basic servers

Networks vary due to their designs too. Basic two forms of network designs too. Basic two forms of networks design are termed as client/ server and peer to peer.

Client/server networks

in that kind of servers centralized server computers have the authority to store emails, web pages, files etc.

Peer to peer

those networks are in contrary to client server networks as each of pc in the network can communicate to the other without any centralized controlling pc.

Network topology

The layout and structure in terms of data flow is labeled as network topology. The flow of data varies in different networks. As in star networks all data flow through the centralized devices, whereas in bus network the communication and sharing of all computers is through one common conduit. Network topologies are categorized in common types that are bus, star, ring network and mesh networks.

Network protocol

Network protocol represents communication languages used by computer devices. This is another way of classification of computer networks. Each protocol supports specific application and networks usually implement multiple protocols. The most common protocols found on internet and home networks include TCP/IP.

Networks play crucial role in communication and data transmission and sharing organizations today. For the efficient usage of technology, computer networks are necessary. Furthermore computer networks assist computer users to access remote programmes and remote database. Those networks can accelerate the learning rate of any organization. So the importance of computer networks cannot be denied.