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How to improve English

Now days everyone wants to get command over international/official language, because learning your official language is value addition in your capabilities. Some people learn quickly because of their academic background and syllabi but some personnel cannot speak good English. There is nothing to worry about because everything has some solutions and there are tips and techniques available to learn English (Speaking, writing).

First of all it has been observed that, to speak well you need to listen more and more and more. Once you will listen try to speak and repeat what you are listening. Read editorial pages and get knowledge so you can discuss/debate and collect vocabulary to speak. Once you start speaking try to watch English programs, movies and even kids cartoons to learn the language. Google different online English language websites and follow instructions. While you are speaking don't be hesitant of speaking English that if you will speak wrong what will happen, because nothing will happen if you said ant wrong word. Once you will start speaking, slowly and gradually you will be fluent in what you are speaking. If we take an example, when you go abroad and start living there, you learn English within few months the reason is because there you are bound to speak English and you have no fear of mistakes. Once you have conquered your fear, you will learn to speak English.

Speak loudly and record yourself and then listen again. Correct the mistakes using correcting software. Use internet technology for this purpose. Try to communicate with your siblings and friends in English. Try to keep a diary with you, so you can write what comes in your mind and then read it loudly. Try to correct grammar mistakes. Must listen one English song twice in day, once with subtitles and then without subtitles. It would really sharpen your speaking and listening skills.

These are some tips if you practically followed these tips, you will be able to speak and write very good English.