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Application Performance Quiz Questions and Answers PDF - 25

The Application Performance Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Application Performance Quiz with Answers PDF Download e-Book Ch. 20-25 to prepare Database Systems Practice Tests. Solve Relational Database Design MCQ with answers PDF, Application Performance Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for computer science associate degree. The Application Performance Quiz App Download: Free learning app for database design, raid, accessing sql and programming language, database languages, application performance test prep for 2 year computer science degree.

The Quiz: Method that supports high transaction rates, is known as; "Application Performance" App Download (Free) with answers: Queue pooling; Presentation pooling; Connection pooling; Buffer pooling; for computer science associate degree. Learn Relational Database Design Questions and Answers, Apple eBook to download free sample to learn online courses.

Application Performance Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 25

MCQ 121:

The method that supports high transaction rates, is known as

  1. Presentation pooling
  2. Queue pooling
  3. Connection pooling
  4. Buffer pooling
MCQ 122:

Language used for expression of database's queries and updates is known as

  1. Data modelling language
  2. Data definition language
  3. Data manipulation language
  4. Data declaration language
MCQ 123:

A major challenge in mixing SQL with a general-purpose language is the mismatching in the

  1. Definition of data
  2. Manipulation of data
  3. Execution of data
  4. Output of data
MCQ 124:

The process of mirroring the disk to ensure reliability, is a/an

  1. Cheap process
  2. Expensive process
  3. Complex process
  4. Time driven process
MCQ 125:

Database systems are designed to manage

  1. Small bodies of information
  2. Large bodies of information
  3. Plain bodies of knowledge
  4. Complex bodies of knowledge

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