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Human Resource Management System MCQ Questions

Human Resource Management System MCQs - Chapter

Human Resources Training Multiple Choice Questions and Answers PDF p. 1

Practice Human Resources Training multiple choice questions and answers, MBA quiz answers PDF to solve Human Resource Management System worksheets 1 for online colleges. Solve evaluation of training MCQs, Human Resources Training trivia questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Human Resources Training MCQ PDF: evaluation of training, training plans and learning objectives, training development, nature of training career test for MBA degree online.

"The reduction in turnover rate, rise in production, change in attitudes and less supervisory needs are classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on human resources training with choices pre-measures variables, post measure variables, typical costs, and typical benefits for executive MBA programs. Practice evaluation of training quiz questions for jobs' assessment test and online courses for accelerated MBA programs.

MCQs on Human Resources Training Quiz


The reduction in turnover rate, rise in production, change in attitudes and less supervisory needs are classified as

post measure variables
pre-measures variables
typical costs
typical benefits


The elementary way of employee's learning in which the employees of an organization copy the behaviors of someone else is classified as

behavioral modeling
active modeling
spaced modeling
massed modeling


The completion time of training, cost of resources and number of trainees are variables, that must be considered in

selection of employees
delivery of productivity
delivery of training
delivery of performance


The process in which the organizational client and the job trainer work together to support business goals is classified as

performance and training integration
performance identification
performance consulting
individual interaction


The usage of internet for training the employees of an organization is classified as

compression training
outsource learning
supported learning

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