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Learn Training Development Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz), Training Development quiz answers PDF to learn human resource management system course for human resource management system online classes. Human Resources Training Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Training Development quiz questions for top part time MBA programs. Training Development Book PDF: nature of training, training plans and learning objectives, employees training, strategic training test prep for one year online MBA.

"The completion time of training, cost of resources and number of trainees are variables, that must be considered in" MCQ PDF: training development App APK with selection of employees, delivery of productivity, delivery of training, and delivery of performance choices for top part time MBA programs. Study training development quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for top ranked MBA programs.

MCQs on Training Development Quiz

MCQ: The completion time of training, cost of resources and number of trainees are variables, that must be considered in

selection of employees
delivery of productivity
delivery of training
delivery of performance

MCQ: The usage of internet for training the employees of an organization is classified as

compression training
outsource learning
supported learning

MCQ: The private organizational network which limits the access of information to the authorized users is classified as

informal network
wide area network

MCQ: The most flexible type of training in which the employees are trained while performing the tasks and responsibilities associated with the job is classified as

informal training
formal training
on the job training
off the job training

MCQ: In employee training, the last stage for trainee's on-the-job training is to

present the information
prepare the learners
do the follow up
practice of trainees

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