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Free Employee Compensation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF, Employee Compensation Quiz PDF Download, Book Test 1-99 to study management online courses. Study Compensation Strategies and Practices MCQ Questions PDF, employee compensation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The Employee Compensation Trivia App Download: Free educational app for employee compensation, pay systems legal constraints, retirement security benefits, job satisfaction and organizational commitment, business globalization test prep for least expensive online MBA programs.

The Quiz: According to compensation programs designed for employee, the variable pay other than base pay is classified as part of; "Employee Compensation" App Download (Android & iOS) Free with answers recency compensation, indirect compensation, direct compensation and primacy compensation to learn online BBA courses. Practice compensation strategies and practices questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for executive MBA programs.

Employee Compensation Questions and Answers PDF Download: Quiz 99

MCQ 491: According to compensation programs designed for employee, the variable pay other than base pay is classified as part of

  1. indirect compensation
  2. recency compensation
  3. direct compensation
  4. primacy compensation

MCQ 492: The employees to whom the overtime is must to be paid under the restriction of Fair Labor Standards Act are called

  1. salaried exempt employees
  2. salaried nonexempt employees
  3. exempt employees
  4. non-exempt employees

MCQ 493: The retirement benefits that are planned and funded by the employees and employers are called

  1. pension plans
  2. defined contribution plan
  3. non defined contribution
  4. contributory plan

MCQ 494: The positive state of emotions arise in the individuals by evaluating own job performance is classified as

  1. job productivity
  2. job dissatisfaction
  3. job satisfaction
  4. job commitment

MCQ 495: The dimension of culture in which the masculine values prevail over feminism values is classified as

  1. masculinity ⁄ femininity
  2. power distance
  3. orientation distance
  4. none of above

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Employee Compensation App (Android & iOS)

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