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Career Progression Quizzes Online MCQs PDF Download eBook - 8

Practice Career Progression quiz questions, career progression multiple choice questions and answers PDF to prepare MBA human resources exam worksheet 8 for online certificate programs. Practice "HR Careers and Development" quiz with answers, career progression Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve human resource management test with answers for online human resources degree. Free career progression MCQs, managing human resources, performance appraisal uses, development approach, employee global assignments, career progression test prep for online MBA degree.

"The organizational restructurings and downsizings in any firm lead to", career progression Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices increase in salary, early retirement, self-assessment, and reality feedback for top rated online MBA programs. Learn hr careers and development questions and answers with free online certification courses for executive MBA programs online. Career Progression Video

Career Progression Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook

Career Progression Quiz

MCQ: The organizational restructurings and downsizings in any firm lead to

  1. early retirement
  2. increase in salary
  3. self-assessment
  4. reality feedback


Employee Global Assignments Quiz

MCQ: If the employee is citizen of a country where the company headquarters are located and work in other country where its operation is located then employee is considered as

  1. third country nationals
  2. third world employees
  3. expatriates
  4. host country nationals


Development Approach Quiz

MCQ: The techniques such as class room courses, business games, outdoor trainings and sabbaticals are classified as

  1. psychological test techniques
  2. succession planning techniques
  3. job site techniques
  4. off-site techniques


Performance Appraisal Uses Quiz

MCQ: The employee evaluation, performance evaluation, performance review and employee rating are all terms used to define

  1. criterion appraisal
  2. employee development appraisal
  3. performance appraisal
  4. subjective appraisal


Managing Human Resources Quiz

MCQ: In an organization, the research efforts that are made to evaluate current structure of human resource management are classified as

  1. human resource assessment
  2. human staff rating
  3. human resource audit
  4. human resource research