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Selection Process Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 5

Selection Process multiple choice questions and answers, selection process quiz answers PDF 5 to learn Human Resource Management System course for college certification. Learn Selecting and Placing Human Resources MCQ trivia questions, selection process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Selection Process MCQ PDF: retention management system, rights and responsibilities issues, evaluation of training, training development, selection process test prep for master's degree in business administration.

"The step in recruitment process in which the candidates are shortlisted fulfilling the minimum requirements of the job is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices pre-employment screening, placement screening, compensatory screening, and affirmative screening for best MBA programs. Solve selecting and placing human resources questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for executive MBA.

Selection Process Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The step in recruitment process in which the candidates are shortlisted fulfilling the minimum requirements of the job is classified as

placement screening
pre-employment screening
compensatory screening
affirmative screening

MCQ: The usage of internet for training the employees of an organization is classified as

compression training
outsource learning
supported learning

MCQ: The concept of four level training evaluation (reaction, learning, behavior and results) is given by

Donald Kirkpatrick
Robert Mathis
John (No Suggestions)
none of above

MCQ: The agreement through which terminated employees agree to get benefits in exchange of not to sue the employers, is classified as

separation agreement
contractual agreement
statutory agreement
non separable agreement

MCQ: The loss of customer contacts, the break-in time of employees and unfamiliarity with products of organization are classified as

separation costs
productivity costs
training costs
hiring costs

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