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Labor Markets Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 103

Practice Labor Markets quiz questions and answers, labor markets MCQ with answers PDF 103 to solve Human Resource Management System mock tests for online college programs. Solve Labor Markets Recruiting trivia questions, labor markets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Labor Markets Quiz PDF: basic labor law: national labor code, evaluation of training, hr performance and benchmarking, appraising performance methods, labor markets test prep for executive MBA programs.

"The total number of individuals who are selected for actual evaluation are classified as", labor markets Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices applicant population, labor force population, applicant pool, and labor market for top online MBA programs. Practice labor markets recruiting questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for 1 year MBA programs.

Quiz on Labor Markets MCQs


The total number of individuals who are selected for actual evaluation are classified as

labor force population
applicant population
applicant pool
labor market


The tool used in performance appraisal measurement which distribute the ratings of performance along bell shaped curve is classified as

graphic rating scale
forced distribution
checklist scale


If the volunteer turnover rate is 30 and the total voluntary employee separations are 100 then number of total employees are



The comparison between the productivity increased after the training and the money spent on the training is classified as

learning-practice analysis
cost-benefit analysis
person-organization fit
person-organization gap analysis


The strike of union employees which results in loss to national economy is classified as

local emergency strike
national emergency strike
economic strike
closed emergency strike

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