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Practice Developing Jobs Individuals and Teams quiz questions and answers PDF, developing jobs individuals and teams trivia questions 75 to learn online Human Resource Management System course for online classes. Human Resources Jobs MCQ questions, developing jobs individuals and teams Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Developing Jobs: Individuals and Teams Quiz" PDF eBook: employees performance, compensation system design, developing jobs: individuals and teams test prep for executive MBA programs.

"The extent to which the individuals have freedom and choice in scheduling of tasks related to job is considered as" MCQ PDF: task independency, work non-dependency, autonomy, and both a and b for top online MBA programs. Solve human resources jobs questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for 1 year MBA programs.

Trivia Quiz on Developing Jobs: Individuals & Teams MCQs

MCQ: The extent to which the individuals have freedom and choice in scheduling of tasks related to job is considered as

work non-dependency
task independency
both A and B

MCQ: The compensation philosophy according to which compensations are not paid according to span of service, but considering performance level is called

performance orientation philosophy
recency orientation philosophy
primacy orientation philosophy
entitlement orientation philosophy

MCQ: The most important factors that play important role in performance of employees are

level of effort
ability of working
organizational support
all of the above

MCQ: The programs designed to provide counseling to those employees having emotional or personal problems are classified as

safety promotion
employee assistance program
wellness promotion
health promotion

MCQ: The role playing desire which forces an individual employee to response in some certain way is classified as

psychological expectancy
performance rewarding

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