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Sales Promotion Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 79

Sales Promotion quiz questions and answers, sales promotion MCQ with answers PDF 79 to study Principles of Marketing course online. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion trivia questions, sales promotion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. "Sales Promotion " Book PDF: the cultural environment, what is a product, sales promotion test prep for online business administration courses.

"The pricing issues within channel levels includes" MCQ PDF: predatory pricing, price maintenance, price discrimination, and deceptive pricing for business administration degree courses. Practice personal selling and sales promotion questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for general business degree online.

Quiz on Sales Promotion MCQs

MCQ: The pricing issues within channel levels includes

price maintenance
predatory pricing
price discrimination
deceptive pricing

MCQ: Considering types of retailers, the stores that are located near your residence, carry limited product line and remain open for seven days are called

selective store
extensive store
exclusive store
convenience stores

MCQ: The breakeven pricing strategy is also called

learning pricing
marginal pricing
target return pricing
markup return pricing

MCQ: The type of cost reduction made for channel members who perform the functions of record keeping, storing and selling is classified as

functional discount
quantity discount
cash discount
seasonal discount

MCQ: Considering non-personal communication channels, the radio and television are considered as

broadcast media
display media
online media
print media