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Relative Prices Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 76

Relative Prices quiz questions and answers, relative prices MCQ with answers PDF 76 to solve Principles of Marketing mock tests for online college programs. Solve Retailing and Wholesaling Strategy trivia questions, relative prices Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Relative Prices Quiz PDF: market segmentation, psychological factors, market targeting, understanding marketplace and customer needs, relative prices test prep for online business university.

"The pricing strategy in which seller set any city as base point and charges freight from all customers from that city is classified as" MCQ PDF with choices uniform delivered pricing, basing point pricing, freight on board origin pricing, and zone pricing for online business and administration degree. Practice retailing and wholesaling strategy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration degree.

Quiz on Relative Prices MCQs

MCQ: The pricing strategy in which seller set any city as base point and charges freight from all customers from that city is classified as

basing point pricing
uniform delivered pricing
freight on board origin pricing
zone pricing

MCQ: The products or market offering bought by consumers for personal consumption are classified as

augmented product
consumer products
industrial products
intangible services

MCQ: Considering industrial structures, the economies who are heading further with fast growth leading to overall economic growth of country is classified as

raw material exporting economies
subsistence economies
emerging economies
industrial economies

MCQ: The last step in personal selling process is

present and demonstrate
follow up

MCQ: Segmentation of international markets such as amount of bureaucracy in a country is an example of

geographic location
cultural factors
economic factors
political and legal factors

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