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Practice What is a Product quiz questions and answers, what is a product MCQ with answers PDF 121 to solve Principles of Marketing mock tests for online college programs. Solve Products, Services and Brands trivia questions, what is a product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. What is a Product Quiz PDF: understanding marketplace and customer needs, psychological factors, market segmentation, model of consumer behavior, what is a product test prep for accredited online business schools.

"The retail business built on a place that is owned, planned and developed as single business unit is classified as", what is a product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices specialty center, shopping center, corporate center, and warehouse club center to learn online certificate courses. Practice products, services and brands questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for master's degree in business administration.

Quiz on What is a Product MCQs


The retail business built on a place that is owned, planned and developed as single business unit is classified as

shopping center
specialty center
corporate center
warehouse club center


The number of intermediaries that made products or services available to final customer are classified as

flexible channels
chain of channels
channel levels
marketing levels


The marketing of products done by companies by placing ordering and information machines is called

kiosk marketing
offline marketing
telephone marketing
direct response TV marketing


The new product pricing strategy through which the companies set lower prices to gain large market share is classified as

optional product pricing
skimming pricing
penetration pricing
captive product pricing


The delivery and credit services are part of

marketing strategy
augmented product
non-augmented product
positioning strategy

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