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Competitive Positions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Competitive Positions quiz answers PDF with principles of marketing live worksheets for online degrees. Solve competitive advantage Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Competitive Positions quiz questions for online bachelor's degree in business administration. Competitive Positions Interview Questions: competitive positions, competitor analysis, balancing customer and competitor orientations test prep for online college courses.

"The personal factors include" MCQ PDF on competitive positions with choices online communities, social class, personality and self-concept, and roles and status for online bachelor's degree in business administration. Solve competitive positions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accredited online business administration degree.

MCQs on Competitive Positions Quiz

MCQ: The personal factors include

online communities
social class
personality and self-concept
roles and status

MCQ: The ads affecting consumer's subconscious minds are classified as

online advertising
subliminal advertising
luminal advertising
both b and c

MCQ: The tendency to which experiences of potential customers fits with the innovation is called

relative advantage

MCQ: The types of consumer buying behavior are

Two types
Three types
Four types
Five types

MCQ: The highly involved consumer buying behavior and customers perceive fewer differences among brands is called

complex buying behavior
variety seeking buying behavior
dissonance reducing buying behavior
habitual buying behavior

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