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Scanning External Environment Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 77

Solve Scanning External Environment multiple choice questions and answers, scanning external environment quiz answers PDF 77 to learn Human Resource Management System course for college certification. Learn Strategic Human Resource Management MCQ trivia questions, scanning external environment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Scanning External Environment MCQ PDF: pay increase issues, employee global assignments, management by objectives, employee selection procedures, scanning external environment test prep for cheapest online MBA.

"In external environmental scanning, the interest rates, cycle of recessions and inflation are classified as", scanning external environment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices government influences, geographic influences, economic influences, and technological advancement for fastest online MBA program. Solve strategic human resource management questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for top online MBA programs.

Scanning External Environment Questions and Answers MCQs


In external environmental scanning, the interest rates, cycle of recessions and inflation are classified as

geographic influences
government influences
economic influences
technological advancement


The test which provides the basis for making the decisions related to employment is classified as

employment test
employer test
affirmative test
legislative test


The first step in the process of management by objectives is to

review job and agreement
develop performance standards
guided setting of objective
ongoing performance discussion


The possible global assignments do not include

functional assignments
technical assignments
development assignments
transnational assignments


If the mid-point is 20 and the current pay of an employee is $25 then the compa ratio is


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