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Designing Training Plans MCQ with Answers PDF

Designing Training Plans Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Designing Training Plans quiz answers PDF with human resource management system career tests for online courses. Practice human resources training Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Designing Training Plans quiz questions for executive MBA programs. Designing Training Plans Interview Questions: training plans and learning objectives, evaluation of training, training development, nature of training test prep for MBA degree online.

"The type of practice which considers several sessions scheduled on different intervals of time such as days or hours is classified as" MCQ PDF on designing training plans with choices active practice, spaced practice, massed practice, and spatial practice for executive MBA programs. Practice designing training plans quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for accelerated MBA programs.

MCQs on Designing Training Plans Quiz

MCQ: The type of practice which considers several sessions scheduled on different intervals of time such as days or hours is classified as

active practice
spaced practice
massed practice
spatial practice

MCQ: The kind of training which addresses the issues such as lack of interpersonal skills and supervisory skills is classified as

required training
innovative training
problem solving training
developmental training

MCQ: The kind of training given to employees about product procedures, customer relations and product knowledge is classified as

innovative training
technical training
interpersonal training
problem solving training

MCQ: The type of training which focuses on the long term enhancement of the organizational and individual capabilities is classified as

required training
innovative training
developmental training
both B and C

MCQ: The training technique which discuss the problems such as organizational change, problems in executive development and business practices is classified as

development and innovative training
problem solving and interpersonal
job and technical training
regular training

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