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Product Life Cycle Strategies Trivia Questions and Answers PDF p. 24

Product Life Cycle Strategies trivia questions and answers, product life cycle strategies worksheets with answers PDF 24 to practice Principles of Marketing exam questions for online classes. Practice New Product Development MCQ questions, product life cycle strategies Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Product Life Cycle Strategies Quizzes PDF: integrated logistics management, new product development process, discount and allowance pricing, types of sample, product life cycle strategies test prep for online BBA business administration.

"The computer giant Dell have an idea storming website used to ask customers for improvement suggestions is an example of" MCQ PDF with choices crowdsourcing, internal sourcing, off shoring, and off sourcing for online bachelor degree programs in business administration. Learn new product development questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college courses for business management.

Trivia Quiz on Product Life Cycle Strategies MCQs

MCQ: The computer giant Dell have an idea storming website used to ask customers for improvement suggestions is an example of

internal sourcing
off shoring
off sourcing

MCQ: The type of market offerings that customers buy without committing any buying efforts are called

specialty products
local goods
convenience products
industrial products

MCQ: According to 'Maslow's hierarchy of needs', the need for self-development and realization is included in

physiological needs
social needs
self-actualization needs
esteem needs

MCQ: The process of managing upstream and downstream of final goods, flow of raw materials and information about resellers and final consumers is classified as

marketing logistics network
supply chain management
delivery network
physical distribution network

MCQ: The 'Dollar Tree store and Family Dollar' targets customers with middle and low income groups is an example of

geographic segmentation
income segmentation
psychographic segmentation
behavioral segmentation

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