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Microenvironment Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 2

Solve Microenvironment multiple choice questions and answers, microenvironment quiz answers PDF 2 to learn Principles of Marketing course for college certification. Learn Analyzing Marketing Environment MCQ trivia questions, microenvironment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Microenvironment MCQ PDF: buyer decision process for new products, economic environment, microenvironment test prep for online schools for business administration.

"The type of question in questionnaire in which all possible choices are given is", microenvironment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices close ended question, open ended question, and none of above for online schools for business management. Solve analyzing marketing environment questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online bachelor degree programs in business administration.

Microenvironment Questions and Answers MCQs


The type of question in questionnaire in which all possible choices are given is

open ended question
close ended question
Both a and b
none of above


In the buyer decision process, the stage in which the buyer evaluate alternating brands within same category is

need recognition
information search
evaluation of alternatives
both b and c


The study of human population in context of gender, race and occupation is called

the demographic environment
the cultural environment
the economic environment
the natural environment


The first step in marketing process is to

define research objectives
develop research plan
implement research plan
none of above


The kind of channel arrangement in which the retailers, wholesalers and producers act as a single system is classified as

conventional distribution channel
horizontal marketing system
vertical marketing system
static distribution channel

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