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Multi Channel Marketing MCQ with Answers

Multi Channel Marketing Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve multi channel marketing quiz answers PDF worksheet, principles of marketing test for online courses. Practice marketing channels Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Multi Channel Marketing" quiz questions and answers for online business administration degree classes. Learn supply chain management, multi channel marketing, integrated logistics management test prep for online classes for business management degree.

"The procedure of displacement of long-established resellers by new intermediaries is classified as" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on multi channel marketing with choices horizontal mediation, multiple mediation, disintermediation, and vertical mediation for online business administration degree classes. Solve multi channel marketing quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for BA in business administration.

MCQs on Multi Channel Marketing


The procedure of displacement of long-established resellers by new intermediaries is classified as

horizontal mediation
multiple mediation
vertical mediation


The way in which two or more transportation modes are used together is classified as

intra-model logistic network
intermodal logistic network
intermodal transportation
intra-model transportation


The distribution strategy in which the company limits its outlets in different regions or the buyer can buy in only company's territory is classified as

intensive territorial agreement
selective territorial agreement
inclusive territorial agreement
exclusive territorial agreement


The kind of contractual VMS (vertical marketing system) in which franchisor links different stages in distribution-production process is classified as

franchise organization
member organization
link organization
administered organization


In marketing intermediaries, the way of distribution in which the product is stocked in many possible outlets is classified as

inclusive distribution
exclusive dealing
selective distribution
intensive distribution