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Motives for International Capital Flows Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 2


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Motives for International Capital Flows multiple choice questions and answers, motives for international capital flows quiz answers PDF 2 to learn Economics course for college certification. Learn International Resource Movements and Multi-National Corporations MCQ trivia questions, motives for international capital flows Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Motives for International Capital Flows MCQ PDF: demand for labor, different kinds of goods, production possibility frontier with increasing costs, balance of payments accounting principles, motives for international capital flows test prep for online schools for business management.

"Changes in foreign direct investment are directly related to the changes in" MCQ PDF with choices money demand, exchange rates, prices, and money circulation for online bachelor degree programs in business administration. Solve international resource movements and multi-national corporations questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online schools for business administration.

Motives for International Capital Flows Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: Changes in foreign direct investment are directly related to the changes in

exchange rates
money demand
money circulation

MCQ: A net flow of?capital, into one's country, in the form of increased purchases of domestic assets by foreigners and/or reduced holdings of foreign assets by domestic residents is known as

financial transaction
financial inflow
financial outflow
summary statement

MCQ: The inputs consisting of resources and other factors when depicts all maximum possibilities of two goods represents

indifference curves
production possibility frontier
IS-LM curve

MCQ: There is a kind of good that if the supplier of that good can prevent people who do not pay from consuming it is known as

excludable good
rivalry good
public good
bad good

MCQ: The demand placed on one good or service as a result of changes in the price for some other related good or service is called as

driven demand
derived demand
speculative demand
precautionary demand

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