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Nature of Labor Unions MCQ with Answers PDF Download eBook

Nature of Labor Unions Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to practice nature of labor unions quiz answers PDF, human resources worksheets for online degrees. Solve union relationship management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), "Nature of Labor Unions" quiz questions PDF for easiest online MBA. Learn collective bargaining, bargaining process, unionizing process test prep for full time MBA.

"The group of international and national employee unions is called" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on nature of labor unions with choices contingent union, professional union, federation, and union steward for easiest online MBA. Solve nature of labor unions quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for master's degree in business administration. Nature of Labor Unions Video

MCQs on Nature of Labor Unions PDF Download eBook

MCQ: The group of international and national employee unions is called

  1. contingent union
  2. professional union
  3. federation
  4. union steward


MCQ: The formal association of employees who work for the interest of employees by working in collective action is called

  1. union
  2. activist group
  3. action group
  4. all of the above


MCQ: The union whose members work in same organization without considering the job on which they are employed is classified as

  1. distributive union
  2. competing union
  3. craft union
  4. industrial union


MCQ: The union whose members perform one type of work using special training and skills is classified as

  1. craft union
  2. industrial union
  3. distributive union
  4. competing union