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Market Segmentation Quiz Questions and Answers PDF p. 7

Market Segmentation quiz questions and answers, market segmentation MCQ with answers PDF 7 to solve Principles of Marketing mock tests for online college programs. Solve Customer Driven Marketing Strategy trivia questions, market segmentation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Market Segmentation Quiz PDF: personal selling process, what is a product, market segmentation test prep for online BS business administration.

"The Royal Caribbean hotel chain which targets families and high energy couples is an example of" MCQ PDF with choices income segmentation, geographic segmentation, psychographic segmentation, and behavioral segmentation for accredited online business management degree. Practice customer driven marketing strategy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online master's degree in business management.

Quiz on Market Segmentation MCQs

MCQ: The Royal Caribbean hotel chain which targets families and high energy couples is an example of

geographic segmentation
income segmentation
psychographic segmentation
behavioral segmentation

MCQ: The product packaging is said to be part of

actual product
positioning strategy
competitive strategy
value proposition

MCQ: The process of changing one or more elements of marketing mix to improve sales is classified as

modifying marketing mix
modifying raw material schedule
modifying the product
modifying the market

MCQ: The Company whose strategies are in accordance to strategy of other competitive firms in industry is classified as

profit centered company
market centered company
competitor centered company
customer centered company

MCQ: The products that are bought to be used in conduct of business is called

consumer products
industrial products
augmented products
core customer value

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