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Market Segmentation Interview Questions with Answers PDF p. 6

Market Segmentation interview questions and answers, market segmentation trivia questions PDF 6 to practice Principles of Marketing exam questions for online classes. Practice Customer Driven Marketing Strategy MCQ questions, market segmentation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Market Segmentation Interview Questions PDF: what is a product, social factors, market segmentation test prep for online courses for business management degree.

"The Toyota Corporation which produces several different brands of cars is an example of" MCQ PDF with choices segmented marketing, mass marketing, niche marketing, and micromarketing for business management degree online. Learn customer driven marketing strategy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online BS business administration.

Trivia Quiz on Market Segmentation MCQs

MCQ: The Toyota Corporation which produces several different brands of cars is an example of

mass marketing
segmented marketing
niche marketing

MCQ: The kind of cost which does not vary with the level of production of company or level of sales is classified as

variable costs
fixed costs
total costs
all of above

MCQ: The products that are sold through wide spread distribution network are classified as

convenience products
shopping products
unsought products
sought consumer products

MCQ: The good, service or idea that is perceived as new by potential customers is an example of

adoption process
new product
existing product
none of above

MCQ: The 'banking services' and 'hotel services' are examples of

barter system
offered services