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Personal Selling Process MCQ with Answers PDF

Personal Selling Process Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Personal Selling Process quiz answers PDF with principles of marketing live worksheets for online degrees. Solve personal selling and sales promotion Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Personal Selling Process quiz questions for accredited online business schools. Personal Selling Process MCQ PDF: sales promotion, sales force management, personal selling process test prep for online BBA degree.

"The sales of products in introductory stage are recorded by the company as" MCQ PDF on personal selling process with choices low sales, rapidly rising, peak sales, and gradually declining for accredited online business schools. Solve personal selling process quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online business and management degree.

MCQs on Personal Selling Process Quiz

MCQ: The sales of products in introductory stage are recorded by the company as

low sales
rapidly rising
peak sales
gradually declining

MCQ: The process of changing one or more elements of marketing mix to improve sales is classified as

modifying marketing mix
modifying raw material schedule
modifying the product
modifying the market

MCQ: According to 'real-win-worth doing' proposition of marketing, checking the fit of product in overall strategy is part of

worth doing
less worthy

MCQ: The type of product development which is systematic, holistic and not compartmentalized is said to be

customer centered product development
team based product development
systematic product development
concentration based development

MCQ: Finding new segments and new users which can result in increased consumption of market offering is said to be

modifying marketing mix
modifying raw material schedule
modifying the product
modifying the market

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