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The Book Personal factors Quiz Questions and Answers, personal factors Quiz MCQs PDF, chapter 5-147 to download online marketing degree courses. Study Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior MCQ Questions PDF, personal factors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) for online college degrees. The e-Book Personal factors Quiz App Download: personal factors, types of costs, online marketing companies, online marketing presence, economic environment test prep for online business degree.

The Quiz: The PLC stage in which recently developed product is made available to customers for first time purchase is called PDF, "Personal factors" App (Android & iOS) Free with business analysis stage, introductory stage, market analysis stage, and product marketing stage choices for online college courses for business management. Practice consumer markets and buyer behavior questions and answers, Google eBook to download free sample for online business administration school.

Marketing Quiz Online: Personal factors MCQs PDF Download - 147

MCQ: The PLC stage in which recently developed product is made available to customers for first time purchase is called

A) introductory stage
B) business analysis stage
C) market analysis stage
D) product marketing stage

MCQ: The industry installations and equipment are classified in group of

A) capital items
B) specialty industrial products
C) supplies and services
D) augmented industrial products

MCQ: Considering non-personal communication channels, the magazines, direct mail and newspapers are considered as

A) online media
B) print media
C) broadcast media
D) display media

MCQ: The profits related to the new product in its introductory stage are

A) negative
B) continuously rising
C) higher
D) declining

MCQ: The factors influence innovation's rate of adoption are

A) relative advantage
B) divisibility
C) communicability
D) all of above

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