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Psychological Factors MCQ with Answers PDF

Psychological Factors Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Psychological Factors quiz answers PDF with principles of marketing career tests for online courses. Practice consumer markets and buyer behavior Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Psychological Factors quiz questions for business management degree online. Psychological Factors MCQ PDF: personal factors, psychological factors test prep for online courses for business management degree.

"The second step of personal selling process after completion of prospecting and qualifying is to" MCQ PDF on psychological factors with choices approach, presentation and demonstration, handling objections, and pre-approach for business management degree online. Practice psychological factors quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online BS business administration.

MCQs on Psychological Factors Quiz

MCQ: The second step of personal selling process after completion of prospecting and qualifying is to

presentation and demonstration
handling objections

MCQ: The process of planning, analyzing, controlling and implementing the activities of sales force is classified as

indirect sales management
direct sales management
sales force management
persuasion management

MCQ: The field sales force is also called as

inside sales force
outside sales force
channel intermediaries
none of the above

MCQ: The tools of sales promotion that are used to trigger short term customer involvement or to build customer relationships are classified as

inbound promotion
outbound promotion
organizational promotion
consumer promotions

MCQ: The step of personal selling process in which the sales person learns about potential buyer before making a call for sale is classified as

sales nomination

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