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Partial Equilibrium Analysis multiple choice questions and answers, partial equilibrium analysis quiz answers PDF 101 to learn Economics course for college certification. Learn International Trade Policy MCQ trivia questions, partial equilibrium analysis Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Partial Equilibrium Analysis MCQ PDF: why monopoly arise?, some determinants of equilibrium wage, market efficiency, externality and market efficiency, partial equilibrium analysis test prep for online bachelor's degree in business.

"The type of tariffs which are used to restrict trade as they increase the price of imported good, making them more expensive to consumers is known as" MCQ PDF with choices specific tariff, ad valorem tariff, import tariff, and export tariff for online courses for business management degree. Solve international trade policy questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for general business degree online.

Partial Equilibrium Analysis Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: The type of tariffs which are used to restrict trade as they increase the price of imported good, making them more expensive to consumers is known as

ad valorem tariff
specific tariff
import tariff
export tariff

MCQ: "Disturb the peace" is another name for a

positive externality
public good
negative externality

MCQ: The difference between total revenue and total cost is known to be as

economic shortage
economic welfare
economic profit
market equilibrium

MCQ: A type of union that represent the collective interests of workers in negotiations with employers over wages, hours, benefits and working conditions is known as

capital union
trade union
labor union

MCQ: If any company receives a patent for its any effective product or service for which there is no other close substitute in the market is an example of

free market
imperfect market

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