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Major Channel Alternatives Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 76

Practice Major Channel Alternatives quiz questions and answers, major channel alternatives MCQs with answers PDF to solve marketing management worksheet 76 for online graduate programs. Practice "Integrated Marketing Channels" quiz questions with answers, major channel alternatives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve marketing test with answers for online marketing degree. Free major channel alternatives MCQs, industrial goods classification, geographical pricing, product line length, pricing strategies in marketing, major channel alternatives test prep for online college courses for business management.

"The intensive distribution strategy works well for the products such as", major channel alternatives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices heavy machinery, designer apparels, real estate, and soft drinks and snacks for online business administration colleges. Learn integrated marketing channels questions and answers with free online certification courses for business administration degree courses.

Quiz on Major Channel Alternatives PDF Download eBook

Major Channel Alternatives Quiz

MCQ: The intensive distribution strategy works well for the products such as

  1. designer apparels
  2. heavy machinery
  3. real estate
  4. soft drinks and snacks


Pricing Strategies in Marketing Quiz

MCQ: The marketing attack in which the attacker matches its product, price and distribution is classified as

  1. flank attack
  2. frontal attack
  3. bypass attack
  4. guerilla attack


Product Line Length Quiz

MCQ: The technique according to which the Company can lengthen product line beyond the current carrying range of products is classified as

  1. line consistency
  2. line stretching
  3. line filling
  4. line depth


Geographical Pricing Quiz

MCQ: The form of countertrade in which buyer's and seller's exchange goods without involving any third party is classified as

  1. barter
  2. compensation deal
  3. offset
  4. buy back arrangement


Industrial Goods Classification Quiz

MCQ: The groups in which industrial goods can be classified are

  1. capital items
  2. business supply or service
  3. materials and parts
  4. all of the above