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Perfect Competition Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Questions PDF Download

Perfect Competition Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), perfect competition quiz answers PDF, MBA test prep 1 for online MBA degree programs.

"Companies are supposed to sell where marginal costs meet marginal revenue, where the largely profit is generated is" Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on perfect competition with choices zero transaction costs, perfect factor mobility, profit maximization, and property rights to study e-learning courses. Practice jobs' assessment test, online learning demand curve quiz questions for best executive MBA programs.

MCQs on Perfect Competition Quiz 1 PDF Download eBook

MCQ: Companies are supposed to sell where marginal costs meet marginal revenue, where largely profit is generated is

  1. perfect factor mobility
  2. zero transaction costs
  3. profit maximization
  4. property rights


MCQ: If an authoritarian agency follows a rule of normal cost pricing, then an ordinary monopolist will

  1. be forced to shut down.
  2. produce more than it would if it were unregulated.
  3. earn economic profit greater than zero.
  4. earn more profit that it would if it were unregulated.


MCQ: In short run, balance will be affected by

  1. price
  2. demand
  3. supply
  4. cost


MCQ: In small run, perfectly-competitive places are not

  1. productively efficient
  2. inefficient
  3. imperfect market
  4. productively inefficient


MCQ: Costs or advantages of an action do not influence third parties are

  1. perfect information
  2. imperfect market
  3. no externalities
  4. property rights