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What is engineering

Since the beginning it was the urge of man to fly in the skies, to travel in the space and to explore the universe. This dream was turned into reality when science more specifically Engineering revolutionized the world.

The instinct of man to know more and more and reliance on the tendency to do wonders led to numerous discoveries like computers, satellites, medical tools, technology etc. those discoveries led to the field named as Engineering. Engineering is the implementation of math and physics to resolve the problems.

We are fully occupied by Engineering being unaware of the fact that it totally controlled all the sectors of our lives, for instance from the minute objects like computer chips or Sim cards to the gigantic ones i.e. aero planes and satellites etc.

Importance of Engineering cannot be denied as it heavily influenced our lives, more importantly it brought novelty and innovation in the world for instance the modes of communication, travelling, working etc are improved by the new inventions. Those developments ease our lives in certain ways. We can now work, travel and communicate more swiftly, efficiently and more importantly less expensively.

The glance of modern era to the people of the dark ages may give the feeling of alienation as those advancements are not less than the miracles. The luxuries and comforts we are enjoying were never been thought by our ancestors, who were deprived of them. The possibility of modern life is due to the Engineering.

Engineering carved new tracks and paths for the betterment of mankind as in medical sciences the contribution is made in form of tools and machines (microscopes, x-rays etc). Similarly in Architecture if we look at the lofty buildings and bridges all are the examples of Engineering. Furthermore it created multiple opportunities in the other fields of life i.e from technology to business, from medicine to architecture etc.

Modern societies are far more civilized, educated and advanced as compared to the primitive societies. The credit of all that progress and development is undoubtedly been associated with the Engineering.

We are uncertain about the future of this field of study due to the vastness of this field and it has a lot more to explore and the plunge into the vast oceans of Engineering is just at its initial point.