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Different Kinds of Goods multiple choice questions and answers, different kinds of goods quiz answers PDF 50 to learn Economics course for college certification. Learn Public Goods and Common Resources MCQ trivia questions, different kinds of goods Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Different Kinds of Goods MCQ PDF: controls on prices, growth of factors of production, measurement of inequality, economic model, different kinds of goods test prep for BS degree in business administration.

"A modern example of tragedy of the commons is known as" MCQ PDF with choices environmental degradation, unhygienic food, smoking/drinking alcohol, and pollution for online degrees. Solve public goods and common resources questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online college classes.

Different Kinds of Goods Questions and Answers MCQs

MCQ: A modern example of tragedy of the commons is known as

unhygienic food
environmental degradation
smoking/drinking alcohol

MCQ: Among many, one primary economic model is known to be as

aggregate demand and aggregate supply model
monetary model
interest rate model
bias model

MCQ: The theory that states that the decision maker should select the course of action whose maximum loss is better than the minimum loss of all other courses of action possible in given circumstances is known as

social insurance
maxim in criterion

MCQ: The type of model that deals with the time series and the stages of adjustment itself is called as

dynamic analysis
static analysis
comparative static analysis
zero analysis

MCQ: A situation when the price is charged more than or less than the equilibrium price determined by market forces is known to be as

price floor
price ceiling

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