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Learn What is a Product trivia questions and answers, what is a product worksheets with answers PDF 54 to practice Principles of Marketing exam questions for online classes. Practice Products, Services and Brands MCQ questions, what is a product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. What is a Product Quizzes PDF: social factors, company wide strategic planning, relative prices, total promotion mix and budget, what is a product test prep for online business degree.

"The contractual agreement between independent retailers that has set up central wholesale operation and conduct joint promotion is classified as", what is a product Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices involuntary cooperative, voluntary franchise, retailer cooperative, and voluntary cooperative for online college courses for business management. Learn products, services and brands questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online business administration school.

Trivia Quiz on What is a Product MCQs


The contractual agreement between independent retailers that has set up central wholesale operation and conduct joint promotion is classified as

voluntary franchise
involuntary cooperative
retailer cooperative
voluntary cooperative


The pricing strategy in which the prices of products are set according to perception of buyers rather than according to cost of seller is classified as

competition based pricing
discount and bonus pricing
customer value based pricing
cost based pricing


The pricing strategies related to product mix consists of

product bundle pricing
by-product pricing
captive product pricing
all of above


In 'stages of adoption process', the customer decides to become regular user in

awareness stage
interest stage
evaluation stage


The perceptions of the customer about the value of products are considered to set the

floor for cost
ceiling for prices
floor for prices
ceiling for cost

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