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Financial Benefits MCQ Quiz Online PDF Download

The Book Financial Benefits Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Financial Benefits MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online management degree courses. Study Managing Employee Benefits Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Financial Benefits quiz answers PDF for good online MBA programs. The e-Book Financial Benefits MCQ App Download: employee benefits security, retirement security benefits, health care benefits, benefits administration test prep for top part time MBA programs.

The MCQ: One of financial benefits provided to employees by the employers to buy services and goods at reduced rates are classified as PDF, "Financial Benefits" App Download (Free) with debit union, sale discounts, purchase discounts, and credit union choices for good online MBA programs. Practice financial benefits quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for global executive MBA.

Management MCQs: Financial Benefits Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: One of financial benefits provided to employees by the employers to buy services and goods at reduced rates are classified as

A) debit union
B) sale discounts
C) purchase discounts
D) credit union

MCQ: In financial benefits, the benefit sponsored by the employer to provide lending and saving services for employees of organization is classified as

A) purchase discounts
B) credit union
C) debit union
D) sale discounts

MCQ: The benefit plan which allow workers to choose from the range of benefit plans is called

A) cafeteria benefit plan
B) utilization benefit plan
C) integrated benefit plan
D) relocation benefit plan

MCQ: The benefit programs which combine disability insurance program to reduce the compensation claims of workers are classified as

A) utilization insurance
B) legal insurance
C) relocation management programs
D) integrated disability management programs

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