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Consumer Segmentation Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 41

Solve Consumer Segmentation multiple choice questions and answers, consumer segmentation quiz answers PDF 41 to learn Marketing Management course for college certification. Learn Identifying Market Segments and Targets MCQ trivia questions, consumer segmentation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Consumer Segmentation MCQ PDF: customer databases and databases marketing, marketing and customer value, services differentiation, branding strategy in marketing, consumer segmentation test prep for online business and management degree.

"The people, who favors stylish products and have limited income are classified as", consumer segmentation Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices non-strivers, strivers, non-believers, and believers for online business university. Solve identifying market segments and targets questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online school of business administration.

Consumer Segmentation Questions and Answers MCQs


The people, who favors stylish products and have limited income are classified as



The firm uses any existing brand to introduce in market as a new product, the brand is classified as

brand extension
parent brand
product extension


The concept which refers how much the process of order placement is easy is classified as

ordering ease
customer training
customer consulting


The planning of target market and value proposition of firm is the part of

tactical marketing plan
strategic marketing plan
firm's financial plan
market opportunities


The record which is based on business customer's past purchases, sales price and volumes is classified as

business database
customer database
databases marketing
company marketing

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