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Discounts and Allowances Multiple Choice Questions PDF p. 2

Solve Discounts and Allowances multiple choice questions and answers, discounts and allowances quiz answers PDF 2 to learn Marketing Management course for college certification. Learn Developing Pricing Strategies MCQ trivia questions, discounts and allowances Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) for online college degrees. Discounts and Allowances MCQ PDF: product line length, analyzing macro environment, product mix pricing, what influences consumer behavior, discounts and allowances test prep for BS degree in business administration.

"The discount in a well manner way on performance, awarded by the manufacturers to the members of distribution channels is classified as", discounts and allowances Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices functional discount, non-functional discount, quantity discount, and descriptive discount for online schools for business management degrees. Solve developing pricing strategies questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for online colleges for business administration.

Discounts & Allowances Questions and Answers MCQs


The discount in a well manner way on performance, awarded by the manufacturers to the members of distribution channels is classified as

non-functional discount
functional discount
quantity discount
descriptive discount


A person, who offers informal reviews or advice about specific category is called as

associative leader
inspiration leader
opinion leader
group leader


The pricing technique used by sellers while selling individual products in bundles is

optional-feature pricing
pure bundling pricing
mixed bundling pricing
pure bundling pricing


The non-significant social and economic marketing activity is called

fade fashion
marketing shade
short-term marketing wave


The product line stretching in which company serves middle market, to enter in low priced product as well as high priced product line is called

left-market stretch
down-market stretch
up-market stretch
Two-way stretch

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