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Major Channel Alternatives Quiz Questions and Answers PDF Download eBook - 64

Practice Major Channel Alternatives quiz questions and answers, major channel alternatives MCQs with answers PDF to solve marketing management worksheet 64 for online graduate programs. Practice "Integrated Marketing Channels" quiz questions with answers, major channel alternatives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) to solve marketing test with answers for online marketing degree. Free major channel alternatives MCQs, customer equity, attitude formation, targeted marketing, five stage model in buying decision process, major channel alternatives test prep for BS degree in business administration.

"The distribution strategy which considers some intermediaries to carry particular product is defined as", major channel alternatives Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) with choices selective distribution, intensive distribution, exclusive distribution, and descriptive distribution for online schools for business management degrees. Learn integrated marketing channels questions and answers with free online certification courses for online colleges for business administration.

Quiz on Major Channel Alternatives PDF Download eBook

Major Channel Alternatives Quiz

MCQ: The distribution strategy which considers some intermediaries to carry particular product is defined as

  1. intensive distribution
  2. selective distribution
  3. exclusive distribution
  4. descriptive distribution


Five Stage Model in Buying Decision Process Quiz

MCQ: To reduce the attributes uncertainty, the customer's try to find the products with

  1. discounts
  2. lesser prices
  3. warranties
  4. low demands


Targeted Marketing Quiz

MCQ: The strategy which combines the customized marketing with mass customization helps empowering customers, is classified as

  1. customized marketing
  2. mass customization
  3. customization
  4. individual empowerment


Attitude Formation Quiz

MCQ: All the brand's related thoughts, images, experiences and attitudes towards a particular brand is classified as

  1. word associations
  2. sentence associations
  3. Company associations
  4. brand associations


Customer Equity Quiz

MCQ: The retention, acquisition and some add-on spending together makes up

  1. customer lifetime value
  2. brand lifetime value
  3. customer equity value
  4. portfolio equity value