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The Book Customer Equity Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ Quiz) with answers, Customer Equity MCQ Quiz PDF download to study online marketing management degree courses. Study Creating Brand Equity Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Customer Equity quiz answers PDF for bachelor's degree in business. The eBook Customer Equity MCQ App Download: what is brand equity, devising branding strategy, bva test prep for online BBA degree.

The MCQ: The goal of customer relationship management is to produce PDF, "Customer Equity" App Download (Free) with medium customer equity, high customer equity, low customer equity, and equity portfolio choices for bachelor's degree in business. Practice customer equity quiz questions, download Amazon eBook (Free Sample) for business management degree online.

Marketing Management MCQs: Customer Equity Quiz Questions PDF Download

MCQ: The goal of customer relationship management is to produce

A) medium customer equity
B) high customer equity
C) low customer equity
D) equity portfolio

MCQ: The measurement of current brand position in the previous years is considered as

A) brand audits
B) extract brands
C) bait brands
D) retained brands

MCQ: The retention spending level and retention rate is influenced for the dimension of customer lifetime value is classified as

A) visualization
B) acquisition
C) add-on spending
D) retention

MCQ: The retention, acquisition and some add-on spending together makes up

A) customer lifetime value
B) brand lifetime value
C) customer equity value
D) portfolio equity value

MCQ: The brands used by retailers or distributors to attract large number of customer's are classified as

A) extract brands
B) bait brands
C) retained brands
D) lifetime brands

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