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Business Unit Strategic Planning MCQ with Answers PDF

Business Unit Strategic Planning Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Business Unit Strategic Planning quiz answers PDF to study marketing management online course for marketing management classes. Developing Marketing Strategies and Plans Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs), Business Unit Strategic Planning quiz questions for master's degree in business administration. "Business Unit Strategic Planning Book" PDF: business unit strategic planning, marketing and customer value, corporate and division strategic planning test prep for online business management classes.

"The design strategy of business includes" MCQ PDF: business unit strategic planning with choices marketing strategy, technology strategy, sourcing strategy, and all of the above for master's degree in business administration. Study business unit strategic planning quiz questions for merit scholarship test and certificate programs for online BBA business administration.

MCQs on Business Unit Strategic Planning Quiz

MCQ: The design strategy of business includes

marketing strategy
technology strategy
sourcing strategy
all of the above

MCQ: An area that company can profitably satisfies according to buyer's needs is called

marketing opportunity
production opportunity
new market
new customers

MCQ: The analysis of opportunities and threats include

internal environment
external environment
market environment
product environment

MCQ: When a company agrees to promote product of other company it is classified as

product alliance
service alliances
promotional alliances
logistic alliances

MCQ: When a firm offers logistical services for some other company's product, it is said to be

logistic alliance
production alliances
raw materials alliance
employee alliances